‘Just imagine what a difference it could make’: Estate specialist donates laptops to student scheme

Jan 08, 2022

A SPECIALIST in wills and Power of Attorney has stepped forward to donate 12 new laptop computers to the Laptops for Students initiative run by Milton Keynes Community Foundation.

Tim Chamberlain, of Thomas Bartram Ltd, donated the laptops to the scheme run by the foundation in partnership with not-for-profit organisation It’s What’s Next IT to refurbish donated old, used, or surplus laptops to distribute to students under the age of 18 in Milton Keynes.  

Mr Chamberlain said: “I feel very privileged to be able to support the work of the MK Community Foundation by helping the local community with home schooling, particularly in these trying times. If all local businesses were in a position to donate a laptop, just imagine what a difference it could make.”

MK Community Foundation discovered through its latest Vital Signs research that some areas of Milton Keynes show child poverty rates as high as 31%. Wages have dropped at a much larger rate in Milton Keynes than in the rest of the nation, making it harder for working families to make ends meet.

Milton Keynes Community Foundation’s philanthropy manager Kay Smith said: “The Laptops for Students MK programme will give young people access to essential IT resources, not just during lock down but when ever they require it. Supporting them through their education and employment preparation journey.”

To find out more about the Laptops for Students scheme or to donate a laptop, email giving@mkcommunityfoundation.co.uk

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