Plan for the worst, hope for the best… but be prepared
October 3, 2020
As the transition deadline approaches, businesses must put Covid-19 to one side and devote time to their post-Brexit strategy now. Mike Hughes, of professional services specialist Grant Thornton, says that organisations must be ready for change when January comes.

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A reminder from the ‘forgotten man’ of politics
October 3, 2020
Employers continue to focus on the impact of Covid-19 but human resources specialist Helen Smith, of Crescita HR-OD, reminds us that transition’s end is looming and a post-Brexit world will begin in 2021.

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Shares: Put surplus cash to work for your business
October 2, 2020

A stock market portfolio can create capital growth and dividend payments at a yield higher than bank deposits. Wealth management specialist Tony Byrne explains.

Historic hydrogen-powered flight takes off from Cranfield
September 28, 2020

THE world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered flight of a commercial-grade aircraft has taken place at Cranfield Airport in Bedfordshire.

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