‘We know that homelessness is a real problem’
November 6, 2020
Network Rail leads campaign with training for station staff as the rail industry and charities join forces to tackle street homelessness with new Rough Sleeping on Rail Charter.

THE ORGANISATION that runs the UK’s rail infrastructure is spearheading a campaign to develop a route out of homelessness for every person sleeping rough around the rail network.

Protect your registered trademark after Brexit
November 6, 2020
The UK has left the European Union and the transition period will end at the end of 2020. How does this change affect your trade mark portfolio and plans for future registration of your trade marks? Mark Elmslie, partner in Hewitsons technology group, discusses.


Extract surplus cash from your company without being clobbered for tax
November 6, 2020
You are looking to take out money from your business without incurring a hefty tax bill. Wealth management specialist Tony Byrne (and a friend) offers a solution.


The environment benefits but safety must come first
November 6, 2020
Following the launch of the e-scooter trials across Milton Keynes, personal injury lawyer Navdip Gill, looks at some of the latest news surrounding the use of Personal Light Electric Vehicles and the impact they are having with regards to accidents in the UK.

THERE has been some confusion around the use of e-scooters with many people questioning whether they can be used on footpaths or roads in the area. In fact, there are different rules governing rental scooters compared to privately owned scooters.

BID chair is praised for ‘outstanding’ dedication to town centre
October 20, 2020
Volunteer work has played its part in shaping town centre during pandemic


‘This is not the time to sit back and react’
October 28, 2020

Strategy director predicts three more years in the doldrums but says a clear view of the future is important


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