Jobs under threat as Bletchley Park reveals restructuring plan

Aug 21, 2020

The Mansion House at Bletchley Park.

CONSULTATION is set to begin next week on plans to make up to 35 staff redundant at Bletchley Park as part of a restructuring proposal.

The Bletchley Park Trust is planning a major reform as a result of the financial impact of the coronavirus crisis. It has lost 95% of its income between March and July this year and is forecasting an annual loss of around £2 million. 

Staff have been given the news today (Friday).

Bletchley Park chief executive Iain Standen told staff: “It with deep regret that I am informing you today that the Trust needs to cut jobs. We have built a very successful heritage attraction and museum at Bletchley Park and its principal strength is its people. However, the economic impact of the current crisis is having a profound effect on the Trust’s ability to survive.  

Iain Standen, chief executive of Bletchley Park Trust.

“We have exhausted all other avenues and we need to act now to ensure that the Trust survives and is sustainable in the future.” 

Bletchley Park Trust closed its gates to the public on March 19, reopening again, with significantly reduced visitor numbers, on July 4 which has impacted on its revenue. The Trust furloughed 85% of its staff and managed to secure additional funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.  

Savings have also been identified within the Trust’s annual budget which include reducing costs in marketing, new exhibitions, travel, IT, printing and introducing new processes to improve the efficiency of the organisation. 

These will help reduce the financial impact in the short-term, they alone are not enough, the Trust says. The medium to long term implications of social distancing and living with the consequent lower visitor numbers, has meant the need for a radical review of the Trust’s organisation, spending and priorities. 

Mr Standen said: “I cannot stress how deeply saddened I am to announce the need for such a severe restructuring. We have built a brilliant team on the back of huge success and with great ambitions for the future, which we will now need to re-examine. 

“I had hoped that we might avoid the need to do this, but we find ourselves with no other choice if we are to secure the future of the Bletchley Park Trust.” 

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