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Sep 28, 2019

IMAGINE being told your toddler, who you thought was healthy but perhaps slow to progress, in fact had a rare and devastating disability called Rett syndrome. A disability so complex it would leave them needing lifelong 24/7 care.

These are the families Rett UK supports and where your donation is life changing.

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October is Global Awareness Rett Syndrome Month.

Established in 1985, Rett UK is a parent-led charity dedicated to making a real, positive and lasting difference to people living with Rett syndrome. We provide professional support services for over 2,160 families, carers and professionals.

Rett syndrome is the most common genetic cause of severe disability in females and less commonly in males, yet very few people have ever heard of it. 

Rett syndrome was first described in 1966 by the Austrian doctor Andreas Rett. It could occur in any family and affects around 1 in 12,000 girls born each year.

People with Rett syndrome have profound and multiple physical and learning disabilities and are totally reliant on others for support throughout their lives.

Rett children appear to be born perfectly normal but by 18 months they start to regress. They lose hand function, can no longer hold toys or feed themselves. By age three they could start having seizures, their spine starts to curve, they stop walking and talking.

Throughout the year and across Great Britain, Rett UK organises Regional Family Day and Education and Communications workshops. 

Help us give a child with Rett Syndrome the gift of communication by fundraising with your colleagues. Organise a dress down day, wear colours for Rett, make a donation… Simple.

We need sponsors and corporate patrons. For a chat and further information, please contact Viviane Vayssieres Head of Fundraising & Corporate Sponsorship. Email or call 01582 798 910.

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Proud to Support October, Global Awareness Rett Syndrome Month.

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