mETL can search through millions of emails and attachments at lightning speed to uncover evidence of everything from fraud to intellectual property theft.

Milton Keynes-based computer forensics experts Evidence Talks has developed the software, which they believe will be a godsend to law firms and their litigation support departments. mETL quickly digs out and analyses the evidence needed to build a legal case. Because the software has been built around sound forensic principles, its sophisticated reports are accepted as expert evidence in courts of law.

Evidence Talks managing director Andrew Sheldon (pictured) said: “We are really excited about mETL. The beauty of it is that it’s automatic. It can scan hundreds of mailboxes without intervention, freeing up valuable time which can be spent on other areas of an investigation.”

The software also has benefits for human resources departments, Mr Sheldon said. It could help in cases of workplace bullying or incidents in which someone has sent intimidating e-mails and then deleted them to cover their tracks. It could also uncover evidence of senior staff plotting to leave and set up their own business.

The software has been designed to look and feel like a normal e-mail programme. It can typically extract up to 40 messages per second and processes standard email archive formats such as PST and NSF. It also extracts the hidden metadata associated with each file, which is often fundamental to an investigation.

“Everything the user or the software does is logged, ensuring that all work is evidentially sound,” said Mr Sheldon.

Evidence Talks is the only computer forensics company in Milton Keynes. It works with police, lawyers, banks, intelligence services and government departments.

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