What a rollercoaster day for sales staff

Aug 05, 2013


Group account executives at employee benefits and insurance services provider Personal Group drove home from the theme park in their new SEAT Ibiza car after a fleet of 40 vehicles was handed over at the end of Personal Group’s quarterly sales meeting.
The cars were provided by Lancaster SEAT Milton Keynes, part of Jardine Motors Group.
Personal Group operations director Phil Yates said: "Our staff are already singing the praises of their new Ibizas.
"We considered many car brands but chose this particular model because of its excellent green credentials and fuel economy, as well as for its ample space and striking features.”

SEAT has seen its fleet sales rise by 50% year on year.

SEAT UK’s regional contract hire manager Adam Connelly said: "SEAT is continuing to boost its appeal in the fleet market. The combination of German engineering and Spanish design flair and, last but not least, the very low running costs of all its cars, are major reasons why.”

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