Vice chancellors call on UK to stay in EU

Feb 27, 2016

In a letter published in the Sunday Times last weekend, the vice chancellors urge the British public “to consider the vital role the EU plays in supporting our world-class universities.”

They highlight the positive impact of the EU for collaboration and the support provided for cutting edge research, from medical and healthcare advances, to new materials, products and services

They also argue that “In the EU, the UK is also a more attractive destination for global talent, ensuring that our students are taught by the best minds from across Europe.”

Making clear their strong support for EU membership, the vice chancellors write that they “are committed to highlighting the value of EU membership to our universities, ensuring that a range of views are heard on campuses,  and debating why the EU matters to the British people, now and for the future.”

Mr Rammell said: "I very strongly believe UK Higher Education is better off within the EU. In broader terms our national interest will be put at risk if we leave the EU.” 

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