The Mount Farm-based company has joined with Bin Salem GTE to form Harland Simon Trading ‘Gulf’ LLC. The initiative has already resulted in enquiries from the United Arab Emirates region.

Harland Simon plc chairman and chief executive officer RJ Ashman said: “The company began investigating the UAE markets in the spring of 2006 to establish the potential for British-produced automation systems. The results were positive and we now have three very strong enquiries.”

Bin Salem GTE views the partnership as part of its growth and diversification strategy. The joint venture is the latest in a series of deals in which the company represents worldwide companies in the region, said its chief executive officer Ahmed Al Dhaheri.

Harland Simon had a global reputation for cost-effective automation and high-quality production and quality control systems provided to blue-chip companies. “It is a leading British engineering company dedicated to process control and production management systems,” he added.

“The new company will provide its customers with world-class automation and information systems according to international standards in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region. The future is full of prospects in view of the fact that the market is still in dire need for this type of company.”

Mr Ashman said: “We are confident that 2007 will be a good trading year for the joint venture.”

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