Vauxhall staff make smarter drivers

Jan 21, 2013


The programme aims to reduce both running costs and emissions.
The lessons involved a DVLA-approved instructor taking participants around the local area twice, encouraging them to drive in their usual style on the first lap before giving them fuel efficiency driving tips on their second.
By making simple changes to their driving style, the majority of participants improved their fuel efficiency by 10% or more. Some even made improvements of up to 30%, equating to a saving of around £700 a year in fuel costs.
The most improved driver, improving her fuel efficiency by 30% was Lesley McCaffery, who as a result has won a month’s worth of gym sessions. Lesley (pictured) said: “It is surprising how much money I can now save by making just a few changes to the way I drive. The best thing is, the tips were all free.”
By driving smarter, Vauxhall expects not only to lower the fuel costs of company car drivers and to reduce vehicle wear and tear but also to ensure that employees are safer when driving.
Fuel-efficient driving has been proved to reduce the likelihood of accidents, said a spokesman.
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