University opens UK’s first independent medical school

Jan 09, 2015

The first phase of the MB ChB course will offer a mix of clinical and biomedical science teaching over two years.

The second, clinical, phase will be centred at Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust over the remaining 2.5 years.

The university will work with other national partners. The first collaboration for psychiatric education and clinical placements will be with St Andrew’s Hospital in Northampton, the UK’s leading mental health charityn.

The MB ChB is designed to appeal to a global market as, unlike other UK medical schools, its international student numbers will not be capped. However, 60% of the current intake of 70 students are frlom the UK

Professor John Clapham, chief operating officer at the University of Buckingham Medical School, said: “The ethos at Buckingham has always been to put the student first and at the Medical School we will add to this by making the patient the central focus.

“Small group sessions and one of the smallest medical school courses in the country mean that Buckingham students will get all the help and expertise they need to become first class doctors.” 

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