University opens health research centre

Jun 24, 2008

The new building, which will spearhead the university’s drive for vital research, education and consultancy in the health sector, is part of a £30 million investment programme on campus highlighting the postgraduate research institution’s commitment to world-class science, technology and management.

Local business and industry figures joined Sir Liam on a tour of the facility which will become the home of Cranfield Health, the university’s newest school.

It is already working to advance the maintenance of good health, the prevention of ill-health, the diagnosis and monitoring of disease, and the production of drug treatments.

Cranfield’s recent successes in this area have included the development of a breathalyser for the diagnosis of tuberculosis, and novel biosensor technology which is capable of detecting life on Mars.

Previous achievements include devices that detect pesticides in food, and glucose oxidase-based sensors used by millions of diabetics around the world.

Universityn vice-chancellor Professor Sir John O’Reilly, said: “This new building is a symbol of the commitment we as a university have made to our continued growth and development.

“Our pursuit of multi-disciplinary research and wide ranging applications to meet real-world healthcare challenges is one of Cranfield’s many strengths. We are delighted that we now have a facility that will house the research needed to continue to meet the needs of students and health-related industries.”

At the opening ceremony Professor Sir Liam Donaldson said: “Cranfield Health is continuing to invest in its future. This new building demonstrates the university’s commitment to carry forward excellence into new and exciting areas of scientific and technological endeavour, many of which address global challenges.”

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