Unitary wrangles ‘bad for business’

Jan 24, 2008

Chief executive Richard Lacy (pictured) said: “While we appreciate the concern that local authorities feel about their futures, businesses tell us they are fed up with the uncertainty caused by this situation.

“Local authorities are in danger of taking their eye off the ball and business will be the loser. This helps no one as what’s good for the business community is good for the local economy, inward investment and, crucially, jobs.’

Mr Lacy says businesses believe the time has come for local authorities to put parochial interests behind them and look at what is best for Bedfordshire as a whole.

“Bedfordshire is a relatively small county and local authorities have little excuse for not exercising a genuinely joined-up approach. Along with the business community, the Chamber wants an outcome that is good for business.

"Regardless of what the Secretary of State decides, we must seize the opportunity to work together towards lasting economic prosperity for Bedfordshire.”

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