Transport plans lack vision, say business leaders

Jan 30, 2009

The Cabinet member for transport was speaking at the quarterly dinner of Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership, which provides an opportunity for members and guests to hear speakers talk on topics particularly relevant to the city.

Cllr McCall (pictured) was invited to outline the council’s approach to the transport needs of the city over the next decade or so. He took the opportunity to explain many of the current projects, including road widening, junction improvements, bus operation and car parking, after which guests were able to question him on how these initiatives fitted a much wider transport strategy.

MKBLP chairman Philip Smith echoed the overwhelming concern of those present: “What we heard was a catalogue of individual projects, which is a far cry from what this city needs. The council may be making some changes for the good but they are simply tinkering at the edges.

“It’s unbelievable that in 2009 they currently have no long term vision for the future transport requirements of Milton Keynes and consequently no proper strategy. Unless there is a clear strategy, it is difficult for anyone to perceive how these short and medium term actions fit in with that policy.

“As a result, we currently have incoherent activities being taken with no clear objective. Not surprisingly, business and the community continue to be left in the dark as to what it all adds up to.”

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