Traders back carrier bag initiative

Apr 04, 2008

The corn starch bags are totally biodegradable, re-usable, compostable and made from a sustainable material. The move by SSBA aims to highlight that, where bags are needed, corn starch is an excellent alternative to plastic.

SSBA committee member Kate Davies, who has been heading the project, said: “There is now an acceptance by the general public that we cannot justify using ordinary plastic bags any more. Plastic bags are made from fossil fuels; they don’t break down in landfill for years. We see them blowing around festooning the countryside, polluting seas and rivers and cluttering up the environment.”

The Association believes there is strength in numbers and that if all the traders in Stony Stratford supply their customers with biodegradable bags instead of plastic, the town would make a real difference. It hopes that other market towns will follow Stony Stratford’s environmentally-friendly example.

Pictured: Staff at Muffins Coffee Shop try out the compostable bags.

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