Town centre businesses vote BedfordBID a third term

Oct 20, 2014

National chains and large local organisations including Bedford College and Bedford Borough Council renewed their commitment to the town centre.

This means Bedford continues to lead the UK in taking action to protect its town centre. It was the first county town to vote yes to a BID in 2005. Businesses said yes again in 2010 and now BID3 will come to life in April 2015.

A total 221 businesses, including many independents, voted in the ballot on Thursday last week. The decision to continue with the BID for a third five-year term was backed by 115 votes to 106.

As a legally binding BID, all businesses in the zone whose rateable value is £8,100 or more have to pay a levy. That money goes into a central pot managed by representatives of those paying businesses. The BID Board decide how to spend the money to best support a thriving town centre.

Those with a rateable value of less than £8,100 do not have to pay the levy but still benefit from the town centre improvements led by the BID.

A business plan for BID3 formed part of the ballot paperwork on which people made their choice.

BedfordBID will hold an AGM in November when levy-payers who want to get involved as a volunteer Board member can step up to support the town.

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