The Biztech Bright Sparc Awards, will be launched at UCMK in Milton Keynes today (Wednesday) and will shine the spotlight on technological innovation across businesses, colleges and universities in the SEMLEP region.

“Great things come from big ideas and we’re going all out to find and praise the people who are the true innovators,” said Fredi Nonyelu pictured, chairman of the Biztech business and technology forum.

“We want everyone who has developed a great idea in a technological setting to step forward into the limelight.”

The ideas could come from anywhere, he added.

“If an accountant or solicitor has asked a web developer to invent a new widget, we want to know about it. It is the bright spark we want to recognise, not whether it is developed in a technological setting.”

The Bright Sparc awards has six categories: two for Bright Sparcs in academic settings, two for Bright Sparcs in business settings and two for business led and academic led collaboration.

UCMK associate dean Dr Paul Sant  said: “Universities are hubs of innovative ideas which are being translated into products and services in the ‘real world’.

“We are excited about the Bright Sparc Awards because it gives us and other academic institutions the chance to highlight how knowledge transfer partnerships can be highly beneficial in generating economic growth in our communities.”

Entries to the Bright Sparc Awards have to be in by May 29, 2015.

It is easy to enter online – visit 

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