Thameslink trains score record high in passenger satisfaction

Jan 30, 2018

The results of the latest National Rail Passenger Survey reveal that 83% of passengers are either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with services operated by Govia Thameslink Railway.

Despite the 10% increase on the previous figures, the company says it will do more to improve scores further through its RailPlan 20/20 modernisation programme. Only 7% of passengers indicated degrees of dissatisfaction.

Reliability is up by 20% on last year, with 87% of Thamleslink trains arriving on time.

Thameslink passenger services director Stuart Cheshire said: “The hard work our staff here at GTR are putting into the Thameslink service shows in these latest results. New spacious trains, many with 50% more carriages, and a real focus on punctuality and customer service has made a profound difference and passengers are starting to notice.”

The operator is planning to bring in more 12-carraige trains and in May services will stop once more at London Bridge, which will cut journey times to Canary Wharf, London Gatwick Airport, Brighton, Mr Cheshire added.

“We will have new fast services from Bedford and Luton and more trains at many stations in the peak providing much greater capacity,” he said.


Passenger satisfaction ratings in the survey:

·      Overall satisfaction: 83% (+10%).

  • Overall train satisfaction: 85% (+ 13%).
  • Information provided during the journey: 84% (+ 33%) .
  • Punctuality and reliability 73% (+ 17%)
  • Passenger information and customer service 93% (+6%)


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