Technology website honours Bletchley Park as Charity of the Year

Dec 10, 2012


The Trust’s chief executive Iain Standen also gave the keynote speech at last Friday’s awards ceremony in London, where Samsung and Google swept the board with four and three awards respectively.
There were almost 300 entries from more than 100 companies. V3 said that the Bletchley Park Trust’s award was “a richly deserved reward for the work the organisation is doing to keep historical British codebreaking efforts alive.”
Mr Standen said: “It’s a privilege to be lined up alongside hugely successful and prestigious technology companies such as Google, Yammer and McAfee.
“It’s also great to see the modern computer industry recognising the historic importance of Bletchley Park as the birthplace of modern computing and how the innovations made here during World War Two remain relevant to today’s digital age.”
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