Technology forum urges manufacturers to reach for the sky

Nov 05, 2014

Top industry and academic speakers have been lined up for the Biztech Breakfast at The Brasserie at Milton Keynes College’s Bletchley Campus on Thursday, November 13, 7.30am-9.30am.

Biztech chairman Fredi Nonyelu (pictured) said: “Huge rewards are possible from being successful in high-tech and precision manufacturing and our Biztech breakfast is set to show how.

“Companies, investors and entrepreneurs looking to forge a niche for themselves may want to consider moving into a more specalist, unique space and away from a more traditional market. 

“This exciting and event could set Milton Keynes businesses on the path to carving a brand new market niche or even spark ideas for new products or services.”

The first speaker is renowned high-level academic Cranfield University’s Professor Paul Shore. He is focused on research into ultra precision machines and processes up to PhD level.

His expertise is in manufacturing, precision engineering, ultra-precision technologies and nano engineering.

Prof Shore is the McKeown Professor of Ultra Precision Manufacturing and Materials Department in the School of Applied Sciences.

Also due to speak is Steve Russell of Hemel Hempstead-based imaging technology specialist FFEI Ltd.

He will give an insight into how ultra high resolution scanning devices are being successfully used by his company.

Biztech is also arranging a follow up visit to Cranfield University to see the state of the art manufacturing research facilities at on the evening of November 27. 

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