‘Tech training is key to the UK’s future’

Apr 07, 2020

Bedford College training co-ordinator Mark Downing, winner of the Rising Star award presented by the Computer Technology Industry Association.

MORE than ever before, those with IT skills are going to be in demand from employers who have seen how essential fast effective computer technology is to businesses. From enabling staff members to work from home to linking up more closely with customers, technology training is key to the future of the UK. 

The Bedford College Group has been leading the field and boasts a range of top teachers, trainers and apprenticeship leaders. Pictured is training coordinator Mark Downing, who was awarded the Rising Star award by the international Computing Technology Industry Association.

The organisation, which launched in the 1990s to meet 21st-century demands for IT professionals, recognised the Mark’s innovative work with apprentices. Head of computing Paula Hobday said: “Mark has made a great impact here with bringing together employers and would-be apprentices in this fast-moving industry. Those business links are vital to ensure our students and our classes are right up to date with the very latest demands from potential employers. 

“Elsewhere they can be on courses where the information they are given has become out of date before the year is over.”

Mark said: “To be recognised by CompTIA for the enhancement we do with apprentices and the local community is fantastic. We’re very pleased to be working alongside CompTIA, Cisco, Oracle and other vendors to deliver top class technical hands on education to our students. We owe this award to the ongoing successes of our learners”

The Bedford College Group is recognised for its STEM training in science, technology, education and mathematics training. The Advanced Engineering Centre, also known as the Buchanan Building, now boasts a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Training suite. 

In computing the group works with international names in modern technology leading to a wide range of employment opportunities for young people including:  

  • CompTIA
  • Cisco
  • Oracle
  • BCS
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