Tech firms collaborate to ease car buying process

Feb 22, 2018

Cranfield-based wireless and software specialist Briteyellow, and global information technology company Geniusin, of Milton Keynes, are collaborating to make the buzz2get mobile phone application even more powerful.

Both companies are run by technology entrepreneurs, with Briteyellow’s Fredi Nonyelu creating a Software as a Service platform that powers footfall counting, customer tracking, and navigation.

The mantra of buzz2get’s creator Paul Tombs is to provide simple solutions to everyday challenges in the business to consumer world by reconnecting customers with staff and not replacing them with technology.

  • Pictured: Paul Toombs and Fredi Nonyelu.

When customers visit a car showroom they can use buzz2get to scan QR codes displayed on the car to access information about the vehicle.

The app also enables them to ‘buzz’ a showroom assistant to bring over the keys or offer further help as needed.

Mr Nonyelu said: “When I learned from Paul about buzz2get, I thought our two technologies would really compliment each other to provide an extremely powerful offering for the industry.

“buzz2get is very useful to the customer and business while our technology provides for precise indoor location, more accurate footfall count and motion tracks, for further analysis.”

Motor dealerships would be able to understand the customer’s ‘journey’ before they decided to call a showroom assistant, he said.

“This could change the way showrooms are designed, help customers with their purchasing decisions and deliver an exceptional buying experience.”

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