Tech firm puts up £20,000 wi-fi prize in schools competition

Nov 16, 2019

TECHNOLOGY company Redway Networks is offering a UK school, college or university the chance to win a fully designed and installed Wi-Fi 6 solution worth over £20,000 as part of its Win Big 2019 competition. 

The winner will benefit from the latest wi-fi technology which not only gives them fast, reliable wi-fi performance but also supports e-learning, teaching collaboration, lesson planning and parent-teacher engagement.

Redway Networks is based at Bradwell Abbey. Director Leigh Hayes said: “We wanted to give back to the education sector by helping schools and colleges solve their wireless network issues so we teamed up with Aerohive (now Extreme) back in 2016 to launch Win Big, a UK-wide competition which sees one lucky school or college win a fully installed enterprise WiFi solution.” 

Cutting-edge Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly vital for schools and colleges, which often suffer from poor coverage, low speeds and interference, all which impact on the learning and working lives of students and staff, Mr Hayes added.

As a leading provider of education Wi-Fi site surveys, design, installation, management and hardware, Redway Networks understands the importance of good Wi-Fi for schools in supporting their digital transformation. 

Last year’s Win Big winner Moulton School & Science College in Northampton has already seen huge strides forward in the technology they can provide both in and out of the classroom thanks to a much faster, safer, and more reliable wireless network. 

Its network manager Phil Tomaselli said: “Winning the Redway Networks competition in 2018 meant that we can now offer the very best in technology which has enabled us to grow by pressure off the all-important IT budget.”

The deadline for entries to this year’s competition is December 18. To enter, schools need to complete the simple entry form on the Redway website by the deadline. 

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