Team performance relies on good management

Dec 05, 2014

IN THE ideal world we want all of our employees to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. However in reality this could be difficult to achieve, particularly in today’s working environment which seems to demand more of people in less time with fewer resources.

Businesses can no longer rely solely on their staff’s knowledge or technical know-how to do the job in order to stay competitive. To get the best out of their staff, businesses need to look at ways for individuals to develop efficient working practices to build a stronger and more successful organisation.

This could be by implementing techniques which help employees to manage their workload or by developing skills that enable them to spend more time on the tasks that get results.

However it is not just about the employees.

Management development is also a vital area that can be ignored in many businesses. It is easy to forget that managers themselves also have to go through a steep learning curve when they make the transition from team member to team leader.

Developing a team and nurturing talent as well as dealing with the nuances and personalities of different colleagues is yet another challenge for managers so it is important for them to understand what makes their staff tick.

Training courses in management development cover all the key processes and information that a manager will need to harness to be successful in their role, whether they are newly appointed supervisors or just looking at upgrading specific skills such as conducting effective appraisals and formal interviewing.

Constructive feedback and effective goal setting aligned to the organisation’s business objectives can go hand in hand when developing personnel and their role in contributing to company success. Effective performance management is a crucial factor to people’s motivation and the delivery of good work.

Motivation itself is a vital tool in increasing staff productivity as it can empower individuals and teams to work co-operatively and creatively together. It may even result in employees understanding themselves better and in the long term possibly reduce staff absenteeism and high turnover.

Milton Keynes Chamber offers training courses suitable for any new manager, any potential manager or those employees who need to harness some more efficient working practices.

For more information on training and seminars, contact Linda Carter, training executive for Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce. e-mail [email protected] or visit 

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