Study backs case for rail line

Mar 10, 2008

The study, commissioned and funded by Milton Keynes Partnership on behalf of the East West Rail Consortium, has been circulated to key stakeholders of the East West Rail Consortium.

Meetings have been held with senior officers from the relevant local planning authorities and local delivery vehicles to update them on plans and to discuss how the project could be implemented.

The next phase of development will enable an outline of the rail infrastructure to be produced with detailed construction and operations management plans. It is expected that the procurement process for this next phase could begin by early May.
Discussions have already taken place with the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Transport Rail Group on the results of the study.

MKP chief operating officer Jane Hamilton (pictured) said: “The South East Plan describes East West Rail as regionally significant transport infrastructure and this important study has now provided us with valuable evidence that the western section can and should be done.

"Milton Keynes Partnership is committed to taking the lead role in progressing and financing the project through to its next phase, in close partnership with the East West Rail Consortium.”

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