Stub it out! City centre fights back against cigarette butt litter

Nov 17, 2011


They plan to install cigarette butt bins on lampposts on council land outside office buildings in the city centre.
Smokers among the 25,000 employees in the city centre no longer have designated smoking areas, which has led to an increase in litter on the streets. Milton Keynes Council currently spends around £1 million a year across the borough cleaning up discarded cigarette butts.
The purpose-made cylindrical stainless steel bins are lockable and durable. The campaign is calling on city centre-based businesses to each buy one of the bins, priced at £55, to be installed outside their premises.
The bins will be emptied by the council and its contractors SERCO.
Milton Keynes City centre manager Kay Greenhalgh (pictured) said: “We are launching the campaign to raise the profile of the issue but also to work with businesses to purchase the butt bins and help ensure that their employees are not penalised and the city centre is kept clean.”
Smokers who discard cigarette butts on the street can be issued with an on the spot fine of £75, she added.
She urged businesses to back the campaign. “We believe that, as a joint private and public sector environmental initiative, this is an award-worthy one and on behalf of all those involved MKCCM will be putting it forward to gain recognition for Central Milton Keynes as a clean and attractive place, the home of responsible businesses.”
Those interested in ordering a bin should contact Milton Keynes City Centre Management on Milton Keynes 398135 by December 16.
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