Stories tell the tale of business success, says lecturer

Feb 07, 2014


Stephen Carver was speaking at the Institute of Directors’ new business hub in the Business and Leadership Centre at Milton Keynes College.
Where once storytelling was the preserve of a few with an innate ability to get their message over, it is increasingly being seen as a key leadership skill, Mr Carver told his audience.
He used multimedia to portray examples of where businesses had got their stories right, like Apple and Virgin, and sometimes wrong – with disastrous consequences. 
He used movie clips to give examples of the structure, process and styles of storytelling, from body language, through metaphor to use of dramatic pause.
He is pictured (centre) with IoD Milton Keynes & Buckinghamshire branch vice chairman Peter Parkes and Jane Horridge, director of business and engagement at Milton Keynes College.
Mr Carver, who lectures in project and programme management at Cranfield, is in demand to pass on the art and science to executives from many of the largest companies in the UK and USA.
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