Staff morale is like Rome… not built in a day, says lecturer

May 07, 2013


Lecturer in Management Dr Ben Hardy warned business leaders that staff morale is like Rome: not built in a day but it can be destroyed in seconds.
He was speaking at the latest Open University Business School Breakfast Briefing. The Business Network meetings bring academics and the business community together to discuss the latest OUBS research.
Dr Hardy, whose research interests include emotions and morale in organisations, spoke about Understanding Morale and Motivation.
He told his audience
in Milton Keynes that motivation can be encouraged with incentives, meeting needs and setting goals. However, many theories about motivation neglect the role of emotions and social behaviour, he added.
Building morale takes time and with simple things, like bosses knowing employees’ names, letting them know where the organisation is going and even redecorating a canteen or rest area.
Destroying morale can be achieved much more quickly, by making people feel worthless, removing hope for the future and letting them work inside an ‘information vacuum’, Dr Hardy said.
He stressed the importance of employers keeping their staff well informed. “Tell people what’s going on. If you’re not progressing, be honest and look for solutions”, he said.
“When you get back to the office, go and ask people ‘What do we do?’ and see what answers you get.”
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