Staff are signing up to funded training courses

May 18, 2019

Jennifer Peters.

STAFF at the Amazon fulfilment site at Ridgmont near Milton Keynes are being urged  to sign up for a programme that offers funded, nationally-recognised training courses aimed at developing their career. 

The Amazon Career Choice programme, being run to mark National Learning Week (May 13-19) encourages workers to pursue training and qualifications in fields such as engineering, IT, computer science, mechanical and electrical trades, healthcare, construction, transportation, logistics, accounting and more, even if that means a career outside of Amazon. 

Amazon pre-pays 95% of tuition and associated fees for the nationally-recognised courses, up to £8,000 over four years.

Jennifer Peters is one of hundreds of Amazon associates taking part in the programme. She is now encouraging her fellow employees to get involved.

Jennifer, who lives in Milton Keynes, has worked with Amazon for six years and is taking a course in HGV Driving.

“I’ve wanted to be an HGV driver for a long time – it’s been my dream – but I could never afford to do the courses,” she says. “Thanks to the Amazon Career Choice Programme, I will now be able to follow that dream and I’m really excited for the next chapter in my career.”

She called on her colleagues to sign up for the programme, whether they want a career with Amazon or in another business or industry.” 

Scott Wharton, Amazon’s general manager Milton Keynes, said: “We want everyone at Amazon to pursue their dream job and that’s what the Amazon Career Choice programme is all about. We believe that of all our associates should have the opportunity to develop their skills and that’s why we’re offering funded training courses in a range of interests and industries.”

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