SEMLEP seeks new board members from private sector

Jan 17, 2017

Each board director will take the strategic lead for one of the showcase sectors or enabling activities of the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership.

 He or she is expected to engage with businesses already in the area and identify ways of growing these businesses, encouraging start-up businesses and stimulating inward investment.

SEMLEP chief executive Stephen Catchpole (pictured) said: “All directors work as part of the corporate team to identify strategic priorities, influence central government and local MPs and bring resources into the SEMLEP area to deliver the essential infrastructure to enable growth.

“Directors are required to gain an understanding of and act as an ambassador for the whole SEMLEP area. This activity is supported by the SEMLEP Envoy programme, which consists of a small cohort of influential business leaders, who act as advocates with government and potential inward investors.”

Directors would be required to attend all board meetings, which take place four times a year, the AGM and other business events as well as leading groups and engaging with the business community.  

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