Daniel Mouawad has stepped down after two years at the helm of the local growth delivery agency. He, with his wife and two daughters, are to volunteer to work for an educational charity in India for the next three years.

Mr Mouawad (pictured), a former British Diplomat in India where he also chaired the Consulates Corporate Social Responsibility committee, said: "We all get to a point in life when we need to do something we have longed to do or risk never doing it.

"The family’s decision to ‘put into the system’ by volunteering for an educational charity has been a long time coming and will certainly be a challenge.

“Naturally I will miss SEMLEP and the many great relationships that have been cultivated since joining the company. It has been a remarkably stimulating few years and I remain very proud of our collective achievements."

SEMLEP chair Dr Ann Limb said: “It goes without saying that we are sorry to see Daniel leave and thank him for all he has done to move SEMLEP forward over the last two and a half years. However, we appreciate that Daniel is making a lifestyle choice and we wish him the very best in all he does.

“This is a critical time for the future of LEPs and we will act swiftly and appropriately to ensure the leadership of SEMLEP is maintained.” 

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