SEMLEP chair joins Homes & Communities Agency board

Nov 08, 2011


Dr Limb (pictured) has been a key figure in boosting the local and regional economy in her role at MKP and as the newly-appointed chair of the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership.

She is one of three new board members to the HCA and gives Milton Keynes and the region a stronger voice at the centre of government.

Dr Limb said: "My background in Milton Keynes and the South Midlands will provide some valuable continuity. "I am really looking forward to taking on the wider challenges that the work of the HCA will present and the opportunities to make a positive difference to communities."

Milton Keynes Council leader Cllr Andrew Geary said: "We are delighted that someone who understands Milton Keynes will have a place at the top table of this important national government agency.”

Housing minister Grant Shapps MP welcomed the appointment to the HCA board of Julian Ashby, Dr Limb and Keith House.

HCA chairman Robert Napier said: "Julian, Ann and Keith bring extensive public and private sector experience, vital skills and new voices to our Board. Pat Ritchie, the HCA’s Chief Executive, and I look forward to working closely with them to deliver our remit of affordable homes and continue to shape our investment, enabling and regulatory role."

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