Safety first as gyms explore scheduling technology ahead of reopening

Jul 13, 2020


NEW SCHEDULING technology will enable gyms to operate safely as they continue preparations for reopening on July 25.

GymQ has been specifically designed to enable gyms to scheduling the use of all gym equipment and stations. The government has announced that they, along with indoor swimming pools and leisure centres, can reopen later this month.

GymQ, which does not require an App or downloads, allows customers to select the equipment they wish to use and for how long, when they arrive at their gym. It then calculates and plans out a schedule, taking into consideration the latest availability and demand for each item. 

Each customer is then directed exactly where to go, when and when their time is up.

Craig Holt

“By removing the usual hanging around, waiting for equipment and queuing that is common at gyms, we believe GymQ can materially increase customer safety,” said founder Craig Holt. “Gyms play such a vital role in our physical and mental health and even our immune system – it is therefore so important we can get them reopened soon.”

GymQ’s algorithm, which can be adjusted for each venue, makes multiple calculations each second in order to allocate equipment fairly and optimally between customers. 

“The real risk at gyms comes from the lack of order and organisation, making social distancing challenging,” said Mr Holt, who has also created, a system whereby customers can order food and drink via their phones to be brought to their table in a restaurant or bar.

“If three people are waiting for the bench press machine, that is hard to manage. GymQ lets everyone be alone, at their chosen equipment, without others waiting or queuing nearby.”

The system can also provide customers with a layout plan of their gym, and even direct a route to get where they need to be which is planned to minimise crossovers with other gym goers. Gym owners can also automatically schedule gaps between customers for cleaning regimens and be notified when any piece requires cleaning.

“GymQ will make the gym experience not just safer but more enjoyable by ensuring a fair use of the equipment and preventing hogging of equipment or excessive amounts of time waiting around. The system makes it clear who is due to use which equipment when, which should be easy for centres to manage around”.

GymQ is initially available in the UK and the USA. If it is a success, Mr Holt plans to roll out GymQ worldwide.

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