Rival bottle manufacturers go to war

Oct 01, 2012


Nampak Plastics in Newport Pagnell and Kingston-based Alpla are vying for supremacy as the industry prepares to reveal the new environmentally friendly ‘next generation’ bottle to replace the current standard.
The two companies are the leading manufacturers in the UK.
Nampak Plastics, the creator of the lightweight Infini bottle, has unveiled an online film in which 25 Infini bottles and 25 of Alpla’s rival bottle are dropped from a helicopter at a height of 300 feet.
With parachutes attached (blue for Nampak and red for Alpla), the bottles hit the ground at the same speed as they would in the industry-standard 0.9m drop test. 
Nampak Plastics managing director Eric Collins said: “From a business perspective, naturally it is a battle we want to win, but for the millions of British families who buy milk in plastic bottles every week, it is a practical consideration too.
"If supermarkets do not want to risk their customers suffering spilt milk in their car boots on the way home, or having a split bottle in the fridge or kitchen table, the Infini is the only sensible long-term choice.”

To view the video, visit www.youtube.com/infinibottle

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