Residents call for permit scheme to stop workers parking in their streets

Jul 21, 2019

Caldecotte Business Park

COMPLAINTS  by residents of inconsiderate parking by staff working at Caldecotte Business Park have led to calls for a residents-only parking permit scheme.

Councillors are considering the scheme in the wake of a consultation in which Caldecotte residents told the council that employees were regularly parking their cars irresponsibly, blocking access to homes and making streets impassible for buses and emergency service vehicles.

The business park’s owners have submitted plans to create 80 new parking spaces on site,  are already encouraging car sharing and expanding their park and ride service. Most residents prefer the permit scheme but some have objected and Thames Valley Police are concerned that a permit scheme might result in workers parking on V10 Brickhill Street.

The owners have taken steps to reduce the parking pressure, said Cllr Martin Gowans, cabinet member for transport and planning.  “But regardless some drivers are creating hazards and obstructions in a residential estate, and this has to stop. It is not fair on the people who live locally and it could cause a serious accident.”

Council to vote on card payment upgrade for city centre parking

SEARCHING for loose change to pay for parking in Milton Keynes could soon be a thing of the past. 

Councillors are considering a proposal to upgrade the marking payment machines that serve the 16,000 city centre spaces run by the council to take credit and debit card payments.

If approved at a meeting later this month, cards will also be accepted from November. The cost of upgrading the machines is approximately £1 million which includes the new signage and software upgrade.

Cllr Martin Gowans, cabinet member for transport and planning, said: “We are looking at this not just to make more people’s lives easier when they park  but the new machines will also help us understand when parking spaces are used and for how long.  

“We will be able to use this insight when we forecast what city centre services are needed and when.”

The council is also looking into a new tap in/tap out option so drivers will not have to decide in advance how long they want to buy parking for, or return to their car to display a ticket.  Extending a booking is already an option for people who use the parking app.

Also being considered is automatic number plate recognition which makes it easier to catch those who avoid making a payment.

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