Report names Milton Keynes as a city to lead UK economic recovery

Jan 23, 2012


The Cities Outlook 2012 says that Milton Keynes has seen a high number of business start-ups, has a strong pool of highly-skilled residents and is home to highly innovative businesses, with many having registered patents.
The other four leading cities are London, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.
The report by the Centre for Cities has called on the government to invest in te cities that are most primed for growth – including Milton Keynes.
“As these cities grow and create jobs, they will drive the national recovery,” the report adds. “Cities that are facing more entrenched challenges will require different solutions and support from government to give residents the skills needed to find jobs and start businesses.”
Centre for Cities chief executive Alexandra Jones said: “Cities should take the lead in shaping their local econommies and tyhe government should give them the financial and political powers they need to make the right decisions for growth.”
The report was produced with the support of IBM and the Local Government Association. Cllr Peter Box, chair of the LGa’s economy and transport board, said: "It is vital that local council and business leaders, who understand their cities best, are given the tols they need to deliver growth, create jobs and start businesses.”
To read the Cities Outlook 2012 report, visit
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