Remote monitoring system blazes the IoT trail

Jul 20, 2019

A MANUFACTURER of cleaning products believes it is the first in the UK to launch a product monitoring system based on the Internet of Things.

The Connected Cleaning system devised by InnuScience works by monitoring product usage, which is then reported on a monthly basis against the budget per site. A key benefit is proactive management of any deviations from budget.

The firm, based at Kiln Farm, , is a global leader in commercial cleaning systems based on biotechnology. It uses biological ‘actives’ such as fermentation extracts, enzymes and microbes to create its products.

The new system uses a router integrated into InnuScience’s dispensing equipment to communicate data on product usage back to the company via Wi-Fi or 4G. InnuScience the  creates a report for its clients on performance against budget. The system  also flags up up other metrics such as usage diagnostics and empty product warnings.

UK managing director Nick Winstone said: “Technology has the ability to transform the way we clean and the way we control the budgets around cleaning product spend. By monitoring our customer spend on cleaning products we can ensure that savings are being delivered and that product usage is optimal per customer site.”

InnuScience is the youngest and fastest-growing of the top 15 manufacturers in the country supplying biotechnology-based cleaning products to the facilities management, building care, hospitality and care sectors. Its products are used by education establishments, restaurants, hotels, stations, airports, healthcare and retail contracts, and include cleaners and degreasers, maintenance products, industrial cleaners, odour eliminators, laundry products and floor care.

Mr Winstone said: “InnuScience is passionate about providing high performance, responsible products that leave lasting impressions so that you can go green without compromising the quality of your cleaning.”

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