Regional strategy axe is a step forward for localism, say MPs

Feb 19, 2013


The announcement is important for local planning decisions in Milton Keynes.
In his Statement to the House confirming this decision, local government secretary Eric Pickles said: “Localised planning enables councils to make the development choices that work for them; choices that are right for their communities and respond to the needs of the local area rather than to arbitrary top-down targets.”
City MPs Iain Stewart and Mark Lancaster (pictured) have welcomed this announcement.
Mr Lancaster, who represents Milton Keynes North, said: “At last top down planning targets are on their way out and we will be able to decide for ourselves the rate at which our city will expand.
"This is a step forward for localism and I am confident this will allow us to follow more easily the mantra of infrastructure before expansion.”
Milton Keynes South MP Mr Stewart added: “I am really pleased with this decision. I have received a number of concerns from residents and parish councils that they have no say over the planning decisions which affect their communities.
"I believe this revocation can now help us effectively plan how we should develop as a city.”
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