Provenance probe brings owners peace of mind

Jun 01, 2019

THE PROGRAMME that confirms the provenance of classic Aston
Martin sports cars to owners worldwide is being upgraded.

Aston Martin Works is significantly expanding and revising
the provenance certification three years after its creation. The marque has
introduced a new level of certification aimed at both broadening the appeal of
the programme in the UK and making it more accessible to owners of classic
Aston Martin cars around the world.

The new two-tier certification service will allow owners to
more quickly establish the history and current technical condition of their

“With scores of owners already having invested in our
existing Assured Provenance Certified process – the highest possible level of
certification for our sports cars – we know there is a very strong, and
growing, interest in this type of service from Aston Martin Works,” says
Dominic Bridger, restoration and provenance leader at Aston Martin Works in
Newport Pagnell.

The new certification scheme sits beneath Assured Provenance
Certified in terms of its price and level of detail, starting at £3,995 + tax.
“What the new Assured Provenance scheme offers is a previously unavailable
level of certification that will prove more expedient for owners of classic
Aston Martin sports cars all over the globe,” says Mr Bridger.

The new service allows Aston Martin owners all over the
world to discover more about their car via a detailed examination carried out
by a trained Aston Martin technician available through the brand’s 164-strong worldwide
dealer network.

Following a comprehensive review process, with assistance
from Aston Martin Works technicians, information on the car is gathered locally
and then passed to the expert team in Newport Pagnell for the Assured
Provenance report to be prepared and reviewed by the senior team at Aston
Martin Works. The report, including as much iof the car’s original history in
order to build as complete a record as possible, is then provided to the owner
along with an Assured Provenance certificate.  

With values of classic Aston Martin sports cars continuing
to rise and demand growing as previously untouched markets open up to the
British sports car brand’s history, the provenance of a classic Aston Martin
has never been more important. The Assured Provenance Certified programme,
launched three years ago, is still administered and run by the brand’s heritage
facility at Newport Pagnell.

The Certified scheme offers four levels of verification to
take into account not only all-original examples but also sports cars that have
been modified by Aston Martin over the years.

All cars submitted to the Certified process also undergo a
digital scan which is verified and held in a secure archive for future

Every car in the Certified programme is assessed at Aston
Martin’s heritage restoration, service and repair facility at Newport Pagnell
where the vehicles undergo a thorough visual and mechanical investigation.

Paul Spires, president of Aston Martin Works, says: “The
values of many Aston Martin heritage models are now such that a formal,
officially sanctioned and operated, provenance certification scheme is a vital
service offered by the brand.”

The first customer cars being submitted for authentication
under the new Assured Provenance scheme will be reviewed at Aston Martin Works
in the next few weeks. Owners of cars entered into the Assured Provenance
Certified process are supplied with a hand-crafted presentation case comprising
an illustrated photographic record book, the Heritage Assured Provenance
Certified record, USB with digital data and two sets of dashboard and sill

“As with everything we do here at Aston Martin Works we take
the utmost care to painstakingly assess each car submitted to either the new
Assured Provenance or existing Assured Provenance Certified process,” says Mr
Spires. “As the global appeal of classic Aston Martin sports cars grows, the
demand for the brand’s new Assured Provenance service is certain to grow with

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