Property experts have their say on EU Referendum outcome

Jun 16, 2016

A table of senior figures from the local property sector dined as they debated the issues that will likely sway the result one way or the other. They felt that the result will have different impacts on different business sectors.

The decision will affect sterling against the euro and others including the US dollar, the table concurred – depreciation will make imports more expensive and with less demand, UK GDP’s growth rate will slow.

The forum was organised by law firm Shakespeare Martineau, whose lawyers were keen to gauge the views of the wider business community ahead of the EU Referendum vote.

Guests also debated the idea of a federal Europe and the future for the UK government whichever way the result goes. They spoke of potential short-term pain, discussed potential effects on investment levels and the leadership challenges for the government.

There were also views aired on the impact for the United Kingdom and guests called on the UK’s MEPs to become more accountable to their constituents. 

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