The advice comes from Bedfordshire and Luton Local Resilience Forum. It says that around two-thirds of businesses in the county do not have continuity plans should they be affected by an unforeseen disruption.
Businesses in Leighton Buzzard High Street were left in the dark last month due to a fault at the electricity substation that powers the High Street.
Some shops were forced to close during the black out and are now counting the cost after the power cuts left them facing thousands of pounds in lost earnings.
A generator has since been installed but power supplies have remained unstable. UK Power Networks has said it is working hard to fix the problem.
BLLRF chairman Mike Colbourne, a chief superintendent with Bedfordshire Police, said: “Statistics show that almost one in five businesses will be hit by a major disruption every year. Consequences can result in a loss of customers, loss of revenue, and even collapse of the business.”
The BLLRF website has advice on creating a business continuity plan, as well as how to secure business premises in an emergency. It also offers a ten-minute business continuity health check.
Mr Colbourne said: “Putting together a business continuity plan does not take long and evidence shows they can help your business survive a disaster. It is important that every business has a plan.”
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