Police praise staff’s bravery in suicide intervention

Mar 03, 2018

Richard Barber and Paul Warren, security officers at the Mall in Luton, and the shopping centre’s soft service manager Glenda Lorenc were praised for their courage at a ceremony held at county police headquarters in Kempston.

The incident took place in August last year.

Presenting the commendation, Chief Superintendent David Boyle said: “They all showed great tenacity and bravery. I have no doubt that without their quick thinking and swift intervention there would have been fatal consequences.

"They are a huge credit to The Mall and great partners to the police.

“It was an honour and privilege to recognise the brilliant work of Glenda, Paul, and Richard, along with the police colleague who attended this incident.”

Staff at The Mall undergo regular training  to deal with emergency situations, said general manager Roy Greening.

“I am very proud of our team and how they responded to what was a dangerous and quick-moving situation,” he added.

“Their response demonstrates the significance and importance of such training. I am also very pleased that Bedfordshire Police have recognised Glenda, Richard and Paul and how they dealt with the incident that day.”

The Mall’s management team and security officers attended the annual Bedfordshire Police Community Cohesion ‘Thank you Awards’ at The Auction House in Luton, at which they were thanked for their support and assistance to Bedfordshire Police in the last year.

During 2017, the police room in the shopping centre reopened and seven Mall security offers became Community Safety Accreditation Scheme-accredited. 

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