Plans to boost digital skills levels are a ‘step in the right direction’

Mar 05, 2017

Matthew Kay, head of digital at Klood in Milton Keynes, says that may businesses acknowledge the need to upskill but are unsure as to how to go about it.

He has backed the UK government’s plans that aim to keep the UK at the forefront of digital innovation in the lead-up to its exit from the European Union.

Its proposed new Digital Skills Partnership is intended to bring together government, business, charities and voluntary organisations to ensure that businesses and employees have the right digital skills for the jobs in their area and are aware of all the digital training opportunities on offer.

Mr Kay said: “Our anecdotal analysis of small to medium-sized businesses and marketers has shown that while most recognise the need for upskilling in digital competencies, many are unsure how to go about this.”

Experts fear that, while the strategy aims to set a path to make the UK the best place to start and grow a digital business, the plans do not go far enough and more investment is needed in skills and support for tech start-ups.

Klood, whose office is at Linford Wood, is to launch its Klood Labs initiative – “an incubator-style environment in which we can share our expertise and mentor start-ups,” Mr Kay said.

We agree with the government that every individual and business should have the skills and confidence to make the most of digital technology and that more needs to be done to provide these skills.

"We are confident that we are effectively positioned to continue taking the lead and supporting this initiative further.” 

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