The regional commissioning plan, sent to the LSC’s key stakeholders, outlines how the council plans to tackle the challenges, including skills and labour shortages in traditional employment sectors.

The LSC has four priorities: to fund plans and activities which increase participation and attainment in education and training for 16- to 18-year-olds; to strengthen partnerships with employers to raise workforce skills and productivity; to invest in the quality of provision and to encourage economic development and growth in the region.

A plan for Bedfordshire will be developed over the next two months and will outline how the county is responding to the needs of learners, employers and communities. For more information on the regional commissioning plan visit

LSC East of England regional director Caroline Neville (pictured) said: “We want to work with our partners to tackle these challenges and make a real difference in realising the vision of both the regional assembly and the regional development agency that the East of England should develop one of the most successful knowledge-based economies in Europe.

“Together we are already making significant progress for young people, adults and employers and together we will start to overcome the deep-seated problems in some of our urban, rural and coastal areas.”

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