Pitches aim to elevate businesses

Oct 23, 2008

Verve PR has linked with Colin Barrett of Simply DV to launch ‘Elevator Pitches’, an overview of an idea, product, service, or project.

The name reflects the fact that an ‘elevator pitch’ can be delivered in the time span of a lift ride; for example, three or four minutes, and must therefore contain the distilled essence of a company’s ethics, people, services and offer.

Companies can record a short, professional high-definition film giving their ‘elevator pitch’ about what they can offer clients.

The final edit can then be placed on the company’s own website, on social media sites and can also be sent as a link by e-mail to prospective clients.

Verve managing director Theo Chalmers (pictured with Colin Barrett) said: “I met Colin when he filmed and edited a promotional film for Urban Eden, the lobby group I run. I was so impressed with the way he transformed my script and performance into a professional piece that I came up with the idea of ‘Elevator Pitches’ for local companies.”

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