Harlequins player Ryan was representing Zimbabwe in a Sevens tournament when he discovered he was suffering from keratoconus, a degenerative eye disorder which distorted his vision.

Now he wears a set of scleral lens, restoring his vision and allowing him to live his life to the full.

Mr Manyika said: “I was playing under floodlights and I squinted when I went to catch the ball because of the glare. Weirdly, I realised my vision was better when I squinted. I got it checked out and was diagnosed with keratoconus.

“My vision went downhill very quickly and I had to stop playing rugby, I could not drive and studying for my exams at university was a real problem.”

Ryan’s condition meant his corneas were conical rather than spherical, distorting his vision. When he moved to Northampton, Ryan sought the advice of Brian Tompkins at Tompkins, Knight & Son Optometrists, in Kingsley Road.

Mr Tompkins fitted a state-of-the-art scleral lens, which creates a tear-filled vault over the cornea, helping to restore Ryan’s sight.

Said Ryan: “It felt like a miracle. I am extremely grateful to Brian for helping me give me my life back. I am back playing rugby now, which is something I never thought would be possible, and I am absolutely loving it.”

Mr Tompkins, who is president of the British Contact Lens Association, said: “I’m delighted that it has had such a positive impact on Ryan and he is now able to enjoy life once again, both on and off the pitch.” 

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