Partnership backs airport expansion

Jun 03, 2008

That was the message from the Bedfordshire & Luton economic Development Partnership after it unanimously backed the airport’s growth plans at its board meeting.

BLEDP chair Derek Ludlow (pictured) said: “The expansion of the airport could provide over a fifth of the jobs we need in this area. At the same time, BLEDP will continue to work with the airport to reduce the carbon footprint of its ground operations.”

The board also endorsed a revised Joint Economic Development Strategy for Bedfordshire and Luton, which commits the BLEDP partners to creating 50,000 additional jobs by 2021. It means effectively doubling the current rate of job creation in the economy.

BLEDP chief executive Chris Barnes said: “Over the last 20 or 30 years, the economy of Bedfordshire and Luton had gone backwards, despite having the best location in the country. Members of BLEDP needed to seriously up their collective game if we are to achieve the target.”

BLEDP is working with the management of the airport, the East of England Development Agency, the Carbon Trust and Renewables East to develop a programme of carbon reduction from the buildings on the London Luton Airport estate.

Mr Barnes said: “We hope that this will be a significant pilot programme which will encourage all industrial and commercial land owners to consider how more efficient uses of energy within their buildings will both reduce their impact on the global environment and their own business performance.”

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