Overseas recruiting: Prepare now to become a licensed sponsor

Oct 04, 2020

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Gemma Hill

FROM January, all overseas workers who wish to come to the UK to live and work will be subject to a points-based system. This system will enable skilled workers who have an offer of employment from a licensed sponsor to live and work here, subject to certain eligibility requirements.

As an employer, if you wish to recruit workers from the EU or further afield from January and you are not already a licensed sponsor, you should consider making an application to the UK Visas and Immigration agency to become one. 

Becoming a sponsor carries several onerous responsibilities and so it is important to consider whether your business is willing and able to comply before you apply.

It usually takes around eight weeks for an application to be approved. However the UKVI is likely to receive an influx of applications in the lead-up to January which could lead to delays in applications being granted, leaving some employers unable to recruit workers from outside the UK for some time.

Our advice is to start looking into the sponsor licence application process as soon as possible.

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