Organisers hail success of LGBTQ+ conference

Oct 23, 2018

The inaugural This Is Us conference took place at Kents Hill Training and Conference Centre in Milton Keynes, featuring a number of nationally renowned speakers and a hall of delighted delegates.

The conference was organised by Meena Chander, chief executive of Events Together, who identified that LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the workplace was a real issue that needed to be tackled head on. 

She said: :”I am so pleased that the conference went as well as it did. All of the speakers were completely on message and hammered home some really important points to the delegates.  I learned a lot and met some absolutely fascinating people – I cannot wait to do it all again.”

The event  also included a series of focused learning labs and attracted delegates from businesses all over the UK to discuss and develop their in-house diversity and inclusion policies and procedures.

The event’s guest speakers were also keen to compliment the event, with Dr. Luke Fletcher saying: “It was very interesting to hear other people’s perspectives and life stories and for me it was really about engaging in important conversations.”

Work is already under way to organise the next conference in Cambridge in May next year. and pre-register. 

Ms Chander said: "Everything moves so fast in this sector, from legislation  to trends and themes and societal views. We cannot wait a year before we readdress this important subject. 

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