The company, led by ex-thespians Janthea and Steve Brigden, was established 15 years ago and provides the children of those attending major events with educational and entertaining childcare.

Despite its mobile nature, Nipperbout is required to meet all Ofsted standards and venue health and safety requirements.

Janthea said: “I believe our achievement is quite extraordinary given that Nipperbout delivers its services from a van. We differ entirely from more usual childcare provision in that we’re a mobile operation. Give us a barn and some children and we’ll put on a show.”

The organisations that book Nipperbout are blue chip, including all the major unions, political parties, large exhibition organisers and several private celebrities. Work includes music festivals, corporate fun days, film and product launches, sports and motor events, conferences, exhibitions and large themed children’s parties.

Crèches by Nipperbout have been run all over Great Britain and the Channel Islands, in tents, hotel rooms, exhibition halls, shopping centres, a boat and even a Boeing 737.

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