OBE for Nissan Technical Centre vice president

Jun 19, 2012


Jerry Hardcastle (pictured) received the award in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in recognition of his services to the UK automotive industry.
Mr Hardcastle has been a key part of Nissan’s operations for 23 years. At the Nissan Technical Centre Europe, he has overseen the design and development of the Nissan Qashqai and Nissan Juke, as well as special projects such as the Juke-R.
Through his involvement in the New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team, Mr Hardcastle Jerry contributed to the creation of the UK Automotive Council and is the chair of  the council’s Technology Group which directly advises on UK automotive technology strategy.
He said: “This is a recognition of the success of Nissan in the UK and highlights the importance of collaboration, through the Automotive Council, between government and industry partners."
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